DMAI, MPI Commence Study of Digital Marketing, Meeting Planners

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) have been slow to integrate digital, social and content marketing activities into their sales efforts. That’s a mistake, according to Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) and Meeting Professionals International (MPI), which announced today that they’re partnering on a new study exploring the role of digital channels in meeting planners’ decision-making process.

The goal of the study is demonstrating that meeting planners use digital channels — so DMOs should, too.

“DMAI realizes that DMOs are noticeably absent in conversations that meeting planners are having online,” Christine “Shimo” Shimasaki, managing director of DMAI's and Event Impact Calculator, said in a statement. “As an industry, we need to better communicate our expertise to meeting planners. We should be advising and consulting through the channels that planners are taking their buying process, to ensure the success of our customers’ meetings and events.”

The study, which is being executed by Converse Digital and Market Dynamics Research Group (MDRG), will focus on three major areas of interest:

• Research and information gathering;
• Comparison and selection process; and
• Contact and interaction methods.

“Many DMOs have remained on the technology sidelines when connecting with planners, when other meeting suppliers are actively blurring the lines between inbound marketing, social media and sales,” said Converse Digital Founder Tom Martin. “The purpose of this study is to provide evidence that there are significant business opportunities in the digital space, and ultimately drive DMO practices forward to meet those opportunities.”

DMAI and MPI will publish the study’s findings during a dedicated session at DMAI’s 100th Annual Convention, taking place July 21-23 in Las Vegas.

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