CEIR Updates Report on Exhibitor Spending

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has released an updated version of its popular publication, "How the Exhibit Dollar is Spent," it announced yesterday.

"CEIR is pleased to update these metrics. Exhibitors, organizers, and suppliers alike will benefit from understanding where exhibitors spend their marketing dollars on trade shows," said CEIR CEO Cathy Breden. "It is a resource that helps exhibitors benchmark their spending allocations to industry norms and helps organizers and suppliers understand how much of exhibitor spending they are capturing."

Last updated in 2014, "How the Exhibit Dollar is Spent" offers a breakdown of how exhibitors allocate spending by the following categories: exhibit space, exhibit design, show services, shipping, exhibit staff training, travel and entertainment, pre-show promotions, onsite promotional materials, off show floor promotions, onsite sponsorship and advertising, and lead management and measurement.

Additionally, it includes the total forecasted exhibitor direct spending estimate for 2017 -- $25.3 billion -- as well as an outlook for 2018 exhibitor property plans, including how many exhibitors plan to use their exhibits as is, how many plan to invest in refurbishments or new exhibit purchases, and how many plan to rent exhibits.

"Results reveal there is a healthy market for refurbishing services, and a notable percentage of exhibitors are planning to make new exhibit purchases," CEIR reported.

"How the Exhibit Dollar is Spent" is available for purchase and download from CEIR's website.

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