Number of Reported Bed Bug Incidences Explodes

Meeting planners and attendees often spend as much time on the road as in the office. Unfortunately, they're not alone when they're traveling, as the number of reported bedbug incidences so far in 2011 has shattered 2010 totals by more than 660 percent, according to travel website, which compiles reports from users.

Overall, the number of individual hotels with bedbugs has risen 250 percent, reported, with the highest number of hotel bedbug reports occurring in:

1. Las Vegas (+330 percent)
2. New York City (+135 percent)
3. San Francisco (+209 percent)
4. Orlando (+317 percent)
5. Atlantic City, N.J. (+282 percent)
6. Chicago (+207 percent)
7. Los Angeles (+329 percent)
8. Washington, D.C. (+192 percent)
9. Columbus, Ohio (+667 percent)
10. Anaheim, Calif. (+340 percent)

"It is a groundbreaking year for bedbugs," said CEO Philip Vaughn, who noted that some of the most popular summer destinations were the hardest hit by hotel bedbug infestations. According to Vaughn, last September and October reeled in some of the highest numbers of bedbug reports. This fall is projected to be worse.