6 Airports Getting Upgraded to Meet Traveler Demand

Airports across the U.S. are making improvements to their infrastructure. 

Statistics show U.S. airports are getting a real workout when it comes to accommodating travelers. And not surprisingly, many of the nation's airports are feeling the pressure of upgrading, especially in big cities where high volume (not to mention high cost) makes it hard to engage in major construction. 

The numbers say it all: The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that in 2018, domestic airlines carried some 815.7 million passengers. While that figure is down from 2017's record 848.7 million, it's still almost 90 million more flyers than were counted at the start of the decade.

That's why a number of airports around the nation are undergoing massive upgrades -- expansions, renovations and the like -- to keep up with the increasing number of flyers. The following six airport improvement projects aim to provide more efficient check-in, easier boarding and greater amenities; changes that we hope will make life easier for planners and attendees traveling by air.

U.S. Airports Getting Major Upgrades

1. Salt Lake City International Airport Improvements

A $3.6 billion reconstruction project is underway at Salt Lake City International Airport, where a brand-new terminal will welcome passengers in 2020.

The SLC building is phase one in a two-phase project to be completed by 2024. The improved facility promises "more space and convenience" thanks to:

  • Easy way-finding
  • Moving walkways
  • Roomy gates with ample seating and charging stations
  • An expanded concessions program
  • A dedicated meet-and-greet area for arrivals
  • A plaza with a large window overlooking the airfield.
  • A 45-foot floor-to-ceiling glass wall with mountain views for passengers to enjoy

The original terminal is gradually being demolished as parts of the new complex are unveiled. Aiming for LEED Gold certification, the new and updated airport facility will feature one large central terminal connected to two concourses by a passenger tunnel.

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