U.S. Travel Seeks Support During Brand USA Day of Action

Before Congress ends its current session, the U.S. Travel Association wants it to pass legislation reauthorizing Brand USA. It therefore has deemed today a "Brand USA Day of Action."

"There are two outs in the bottom of the 9th and we need you to step up to the plate," U.S. Travel Grassroots and PAC Director Michael Jacobson said in a memo to travel industry supporters and stakeholders. "With only a few days left before Congress adjourns for the year, it's time for the Senate to pass the legislation to reauthorize Brand USA and extend the vital promotional program. As you know, it passed the House of Representatives, but remains stalled in the Senate."

Brand USA was created in 2010 by the bipartisan Travel Promotion Act, which established a public-private partnership through which to promote international visitation to the United States. The "Travel Promotion, Enhancement, and Modernization Act" would reauthorize the Travel Promotion Act and renew Brand USA through 2020.

Jacobson urged supporters to use the following three-step checklist to advocate on behalf of Brand USA:

1. Email your legislators telling them to find a way to reauthorize Brand USA this year.

2. Call your Senators to stress the importance of this legislation.

3. Help spread the word by communicating this message to your travel colleagues or by using U.S. Travel's sample tweets.

Concluded Jacobson, "Join U.S. Travel in the Brand USA Day of Action, Dec. 2, 2014, and help us turn up the volume to ensure Congress understands the importance of passing this legislation."

For more information, including talking points to use with lawmakers, visit U.S. Travel's online action center.

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