Tools of the Trade - 2006-06-07

June 01, 2006 - Successful Meetings

Traveling Light

Attendees can now stuff that bulky pillow gift or two or three more pairs of shoes in their luggage and still navigate airports easily. New high-tech International Traveller™ luggage by Landor & Hawa makes it possible. The frameless design reduces the weight of a 26-inch case, which is typically about 18 pounds, to only nine pounds. With flight restrictions limiting luggage weight to 50 pounds, this is a huge advantage. The flexible construction using Frameless™ and Freefoam™ technologies in soft-sided, wheeled luggage allows the case to mold itself around what you're carrying. The bags are ultra-lightweight, with more interior packing space and a protective environment that cushions and absorbs impacts from any direction. For more information, contact Landor & Hawa USA Ltd. at (317) 865-8800.

A Hole In One, an online service for creating custom-decorated products for groups and events, has just expanded its portfolio of golf products to include golf balls, tees, golf shirts, towels, umbrellas, caps, and more. The site provides planners a single website where they can create all of their logo items using only a Web browser, choosing among dozens of products to customize with their logo, event slogan, and other information.

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