How to Follow a Successful Meetings Twitter Chat

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Join Successful Meetings each month on Twitter and get connected with other professionals who plan meetings, suppliers and our editors on various topics.

What is #ChatMtgs? #ChatMtgs is a live streaming conversation on Twitter. You must have a Twitter account to participate. If you do not have an account, sign up here

How do you participate in #ChatMtgs? Step 1: After logging into your Twitter account, follow Successful Meetings on Twitter here or by searching our handle @SucessfulMtgs. Step 2: Successful Meetings tweets questions during the chat. To join the conversation, simply tweet a reply, question or retweet and include the hashtag #ChatMtgs in your tweet. 

You can follow #ChatMtgs on Twitter by searching #ChatMtgs in Twitter's search bar. 

How does #ChatMtgs work? We tweet questions from our account at @SuccessfulMtgs using the designation Q1, Q2, Q3 and so on and, of course, our chosen hashtag #ChatMtgs. After we tweet the first question, it's your turn to jump in! 

Hover your mouse over our tweet, and three icons will pop-up: the reply, the retweet and the favorite. You may then chose how you want to engage with us. If you would like to reply to Q1, use A1 and #ChatMtgs. For example, a Twitter conversation between Successful Meetings and you might look something like this: 

@SucessfulMtgs: Q1: What is your favorite social media platform? #ChatMtgs
@yourhandle: A1: My favorite social media platform is Twitter. #ChatMtgs

We'll retweet and favorite some of your #ChatMtgs tweets. Maybe you have questions of your own you'd like to ask the #ChatMtgs crowd. Feel free to do so. Just be sure to use our hashtag. 

We're looking forward to tweet-chatting with you!