Senate Fails to Approve Funding of Department of Homeland Security

us capitol - 370

The U.S. Senate today failed to fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The legislation needed 60 votes to move to debate in the Senate, but was rejected with 51 senators for and 48 against debate, effectively blocking the legislation from being considered. The bill, passed by the House of Representatives in January, would put fiscal year 2015 funding $400 million above 2014 levels. 

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) warned that the Senate's vote could have negative consequences. 

"The Global Business Travel Association is concerned that today's vote failing to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security could have serious, unintended consequences for business travel, an industry that is expected to account for $310.2 billion in spending during 2015," said Michael W. McCormick, Executive Director and COO of GBTA, in a statement. "We call on Congress to work together to fund DHS, which supports the movement of people, goods and services throughout our transportation system. 

Continued McCormick, "Absent a full year funding bill, business travel can easily be disrupted, causing an immediate impact on our economy. For every one percent decrease in business travel spending, the U.S. economy loses an additional 71,000 jobs, nearly $5 billion in GDP, $3 billion in wages, and $1.2 billion in tax collections."