Power Seeks to Stay at CIC

McLean, Va. -- Mary Power, president and chief executive of the Convention Industry Council (CIC), is seeking to retain her position with the organization even if the CIC board selects a new management company.

The CIC board announced last week that it planned to issue a request for proposal for management services and award the contract by May. Association Management Group (AMG) has held the contract to manage CIC, an umbrella group of 30 meetings industry associations, since 1999. The contract was renewed annually but without competitive bidding until the latest contract expired, on Dec. 31.

Power, who took over as the top staffer at CIC in 2001, works for AMG as an at-will employee, not on contract.

Opening the management contract to competitive bidding leaves open the possibility that the CIC board will select a new management company, although it could also remain with AMG. A new company could, in turn, hire a new president or retain Power. Additionally, the board could require that any management company it selects retain Power.

"It is my intent to stay on as the president and CEO of CIC whether the CIC board decides to stay at AMG or elects to pursue another management option," Power said Friday.

"The CIC board has given me no indication that they want me to do anything else," she continued, adding, "I am grateful that AMG has given me the opportunity to lead CIC. I have great faith that the CIC board members are going to do what is best for CIC, and I certainly am planning on being part of that."

Regarding the request for proposal, Power said, "The CIC board believes periodic evaluation of management options is healthy, advisable and in the best interests of CIC. It has been seven years since their last review of management services, so this action is timely."