Personal Success: Safely Stow Your Laptop

Originally published in Successful Meetings magazine, September 2006

Oh, the hassles of traveling with a laptop: Packing it to go to the airport, out at the security checkpoint, back in after security, out for use on the plane, back in before landing. What was once a convenience now often feels like a nuisance, and all of the packing and unpacking make it more likely that you will jostle, bang, drop, or otherwise break the computer. Fortunately, laptop bags have become more advanced, and there is a bag for every personality and lifestyle on the market now. Many companies have recognized that travelers need to safely carry laptop accessories as well as other electronic devices and have crafted bags that hold it all. Here are a few ideas:

Gudi Two Shoes

Gudi's Ursula laptop bag is designed to protect computers 15.4" and smaller as well as safely stow the other gadgets of modern life in interior compartments. The inside is lined in bright nylon, and the bag has feet on the underside for stability and additional protection. Other styles and colors available.

Safe Haven

Brenthaven's Duo 15 backpack contains front pockets for easy access to travel documents and personal items, a laptop compartment, and another pocket for other electronic devices and files. The design of the shoulder- and back-friendly pack, with its padded shoulder straps, makes transporting your gear easier on your body. Brenthaven offers a full line of carrying cases, including the more traditional bag also shown here.

Tech to Go

Everki by Tritton Technologies' bags are designed for the active traveler. The company's lifestyle bags keep laptops—not to mention MP3 players, cameras, phones, flash drives, and other paraphernalia—safe in sporty cases. The Explore messenger laptop bag has dedicated compartments for sunglasses, keys, media players, and pens, and a zippered pocket for accessories.
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