Personal Success: Making a Name for Yourself

Originally published in Successful Meetings magazine, June 2007

Frustrated by handing out dull business cards that are destined to end up in a pile, in a drawer, or in the nearest garbage can? Tired of receiving 101 cards that all look the same, rendering the card's owner virtually anonymous? Try using business cards that grab people's attention. If you are self-employed or work for a lenient company, there are myriad options that go beyond traditional white cards with black ink and a logo. From unique sizes, shapes, and color schemes to unexpected materials like wood, fabric, and metal, there is something for everyone. Although many of these one-of-a-kind cards have price tags to match their exclusivity, there are options to fit nearly every budget. If you want to be unforgettable, you might as well start with your collateral materials.

Something Shiny

Nothing will stand out among a sea of paper cards quite like a shiny, metal business card. These cards offer all of the typical business card features, including artwork, but in a much more eye-catching way. The company primarily etches on stainless steel, but customers may also choose copper, steel, or brass for their one- or two-sided cards.
Start at $1.60 each;

The Finer Things

This card, from the Anna Griffin line, is attractive and distinctive, yet still professional. The pink flowers on a paler pink background attract attention, but do not detract from the purpose of the card, which is to display your information. offers a wide selection of business and correspondence cards—many of which have unique patterns or sizes.
Start at $140 for 250;

By the Brooker

D. Brooker, which also offers out-there options like glow-in-the-dark business cards and holographic backgrounds, provides silk cards in a variety of colors. The fabric is backed by white card stock to create a stiff, usable card. D. Brooker can also create cards using fabric supplied by the customer.
Start at $35 for 100;

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