Personal Success: Lost and Found

It’s a fact of life that things get lost, and generally at the most inopportune moments: You’re running out the door and you can’t find the keys. You’re late for a meeting and your folder of documents is missing. You’re on a business trip and your luggage disappears. The list is endless. While organization certainly helps, it is equally important to have an ace up your sleeve.

The ideas here offer a sample of how companies are meeting the needs of everyone from the occasionally absentminded to the chronically disorganized. Use these products and you’ll have the keys, the folder, and the luggage . . . Just remember to get directions.

At Home: Wireless RF Electronic Locator
This nifty product from Sharper Image helps you find lost items by tagging them with small plastic discs. When the corresponding button is pushed on the control base, the disc lights up and beeps to help you find keys, eyeglasses, purses, or any other item you tend to misplace. The product is marketed as the household equivalent of the pager buttons on most cordless telephones. $69.95

In the Office: Russell+Hazel
Russel+Hazel offers ideas, projects, and products to ensure your personal and professional lives are as organized as possible. The company leans toward clean, simple designs and colors for everything from Post-its to planners to magazine collectors. The site includes free downloadable calendar pages to get you started. Prices vary.

On the Move: Tumi Tracer
Tumi includes metal plates that display a 20-digit identification number on many of its luggage pieces, business cases, and casual bags. Customers log on to the Tumi website or use a mail-in registration card and provide their contact information (which Tumi assures is used for the Tracer program only), which is then associated with their particular bags. If their bag should ever be lost, whoever finds it simply calls Tumi and the company will put bag and owner back together. Prices vary.