Personal Success: Cabin Haute Cuisine

It's a funny thing about airline food. No one really liked it to begin with, but once airlines took it away on short jaunts, people became upset. Long-haul flights, the last bastion of in-flight dining, now provide revamped offerings and are beginning to serve high-end meals rivaling restaurant-quality cuisine. Though the airlines listed here are primarily international carriers, they do fly into and out of the U.S., so they may be worth a closer look before your next long flight. With offerings from sommeliers, to children's cuisine, to meals for passengers with extensive dietary restrictions, airlines are making a concerted effort to keep customers satiated. If you'd rather have a full meal instead of the granola bar stashed in your carryon, call for a reservation today!

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines offers a dizzying array of specialty meals: Hindu, raw vegetarian, bland, diabetic, carb-free, gluten-free, ulcer diet, and seafood, among many others. And first-rate cuisine is not restricted to first-class passengers; a variety of high-end options are available regardless of the class in which you fly. The airline even assembled a team of eight international chefs to assist with menu planning, and hired wine consultants.

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines has also enlisted a group of executive chefs to assist in menu planning and has revamped all children's meals, but what makes Malaysia Airlines unique is the particular attention it has paid to matters such as avian flu. The airline adjusts menus accordingly, based on safety concerns as well as passenger preferences.

Taiwan-based EVA Air focuses extensively on seasonal ingredients, health and safety issues surrounding food preparation, and the nuances of high-altitude cooking. Its mouth-watering choices include Angus steaks, Ding Tai Feng dumplings in bamboo steamers, and Porto Foie Gras as an appetizer selection; EVA also allows passengers to pre-order meals online.