Odyssey Teams Responds to Recession With Affordable Team-Building Kit

Odyssey Teams

Corporations looking to scale down meeting costs in a sluggish economy, or seeking a flexible, ready-to-present team-building session, have a new offering from philanthropic team-building company Odyssey Teams that could make meetings more affordable and flexible.

Odyssey’s Build-a-Hand kit was designed by the Chico, Calif.-based company as a cost-effective alternative to the company’s live corporate training presentations. Corporations who are cutting back on meeting expenses or do not have the time to invest in a four-hour team-building workshop, are looking to Odyssey Teams’ corporate training kits as a way to save time and money, but still pull off a valuable philanthropic team-building workshop.

Odyssey Teams Helping Hands program uses the assembly of prosthetic limbs for Third World amputees and landmine victims as a centerpiece of a team-building exercise. Each step of the prosthetic limb assembly is paired with a team-building lesson tailored to fit a corporation’s training needs.

Using the Build-a-Hand kits, participants are guided through program by a step-by-step guide and video. The pieces of the prosthetic limb, which are assembled by participants during the main portion of the program, are included with detailed instructions. And the process of readying the prosthetic limb for donation, allows participants to personalize the gift that will change an amputee’s life.

Companies can use the program during corporate retreats and the kit gives the presenters the flexibility to tailor the program to their specific needs without losing the lessons of the team-building exercise.

But for many companies emerging cash-strapped from a recession, the main advantage of the kit may be the affordability that could allow a corporation to continue to hold annual meetings that are important for employee morale and retention.

Odyssey Teams team-building clients include some of the largest national and multi-national companies, including Wells Fargo, Spherion Staffing Services and Merck & Co.

For more information about Odyssey Teams, visit www.odysseyteams.com.