New Trade Show Industry Association Plans Formational First Event

The trade show industry's newest association — formed in February when the Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA) merged with the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association (EACA) — will host its first annual event this summer, it announced this week: The 2012 Red Diamond Congress, taking place July 10-12 in Chicago.

With the theme "Designing Our Future," the event will facilitate the process of creating the new, as-of-yet-unnamed EACA-TSEA association. Accordingly, the association said, there will be general sessions each morning where the "combined experience of all participants" — including both EACA and TSEA members — will be called upon to identify the new group's "centers of infinite strengths." The first day's session, for instance, will be the discovery phase, or assessment of strengths and opportunities. The second day's session, meanwhile, will delve into planning and visioning for the future. And, finally, the third day's session will produce the innovations and initiatives to realize the vision.

All three sessions will be led by a third-party facilitator, Millenia Consulting LLC, which the new group said it has retained to help it "harvest the best of the legacy associations."

"The 2012 Red Diamond Congress will be the first event of our new organization and we plan to take advantage of this opportunity to tap into the collective expertise and experience of our members to chart our course," said Executive Director Jim Wurm. "While there is a lot of history from both our legacy organizations, we will take advantage of this inaugural event by using it to 'Design our Future.'"

Formerly TSEA's annual exhibitor marketing conference, the Red Diamond Congress will now serve as the annual meeting for the combined EACA-TSEA entity. For more information, visit