New Name For Cleveland CVB

Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland (CVB) announced today that it is changing its marketing moniker and adopting a more energetic icon-based logo. Positively Cleveland is designed to fit in with the region’s Cleveland Plus branding initiative, shortens the organization’s name and expresses more of the city’s vitality and spirit. “We are a marketing organization that sells the city to business and leisure travelers,” explains Dennis Roche, President of Positively Cleveland. “Our messaging is upbeat and it shares what is unique, genuine and authentic about our city . . . what makes Cleveland stand out from other destinations.”

The organization’s legal name, Convention & Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland, presented a few marketing challenges. First, it was a mouthful. Secondly, it was misunderstood by non-industry consumers (like reunion planners and tourists) unfamiliar with the term “convention and visitors bureau.” Finally, the word “bureau” does not conjure up a sense of hospitality.

Dropping the “bureau” from public presentation has been a trend for CVBs. In fact, after extensive research, the International Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus (IACVB) changed its name to Destination Marketing Association International in 2005. Other CVBs have simplified their identifiers like Experience Columbus, LA Inc., NYC & Company and Meet Minneapolis. “Positively Cleveland is distinctive and welcoming while expressing some Midwestern ‘hip’ swagger and pride,” explains Tamera Lash Brown, Positively Cleveland’s VP of Marketing. Research conducted with airport travelers on the colorful accompanying logo showed favorable reaction to its strength and positivism as well as its energy and ability to display a breadth of assets.