Motivation Show Launches New Appointment Planning Tool

The Motivation Show, taking place Oct. 4-6 in Chicago, has released a new version of MotivationConnect, its online appointment planning tool for meeting attendees and exhibitors, it announced last week.

Utilizing Bravura CONNECT software, the new version of MotivationConnect allows attendees and exhibitors to schedule meetings not only during the show, but also prior to it, with up to 30 appointments possible during the exhibition.

MotivationConnect also is helpful for exhibitors, who can use it to control information on their company's products and services; attach keywords and TAGS so buyers can easily locate their products; send proactive messages to their target audience at the show; view and respond to a list of registrants who have inquired about their company; and set up demos and meetings with attendees who have indicated an interest in their products.

"This new planning tool allows our community of attendees — both buyers and suppliers — to organize their time and begin the sales discussion weeks before they arrive onsite, providing a much more efficient and cost-effective trade show experience," said Pete Erickson, managing director of The Motivation Show. "Each advance registrant is automatically given access to this powerful planning tool and encouraged to search the database and contact those individuals who represent a match for their product interest. There's even an 'Advisor' function that will suggest other attendees to meet with based on their interest profile."

MotivationConnect is also available as a smartphone app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, giving users the ability to access and update their appointment schedule 24/7. For more information, visit