MPI Releases New Version of Sustainable Event Measurement Tool

A year and a half after launching the original, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) has introduced an upgraded version of its Sustainable Event Measurement Tool (SEMT) that's designed to help meeting planners save money, reduce resources and elevate their sustainability credentials, it announced last week.

Known as SEMT 2.0, the upgraded tool — available free of charge at MPI's website until Oct. 31, 2012 — helps meeting planners and suppliers track and take steps to reduce their environmental impact. Described by MPI as a "roadmap to organizing a sustainable meeting," it can be customized and scaled to individual events, allows users to network and learn from each other in an enhanced online learning suite, and offers access to a comprehensive set of CO2 databases from 150 countries around the world.

"SEMT 2.0 is the painkiller for sustainability headaches," said MPI President and CEO Bruce MacMillan. "We've developed something that's never been done before: a rigorous measurement and management tool that is smart, flexible and adaptable for the meeting and event industry."

According to MPI, a recent survey of SEMT users underscores the urgency of monitoring events' environmental impact: In a one-year period, it found, planners and suppliers used 7.7 billion liters of water, 6.6 metric tons of CO2 and traveled 1.2 billion miles.