MPI Plans Industry Debates for MeetDifferent 2010

Hoping to highlight meetings industry trends, including top challenges and top solutions, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) will host a series of so-called "Soap Box Debates" at MeetDifferent 2010, taking place Feb. 20-23 in Cancun, Mexico, it announced this month.

While traditional conferences give speaking opportunities only to speakers, MPI's Soap Box Debates will give attendees a unique chance to share their insights, as well, by discussing and debating industry issues in front of a live audience.

"Throughout history, soap boxing has been tied to the right to speak," reads MPI's Web site. "Exercise your right. Share a topic that is on your mind."

In an effort to lend structure to the debates—which will take place throughout MeetDifferent—MPI is requesting topic submissions from MeetDifferent attendees on its Web site. For more information, visit