MPI: Meeting Programs Vital to Partnership-Focused Companies

Dallas -- When planners adopt strategic meetings management programs, they can become "indispensable business partners" in companies that operate through partnerships with buyers and suppliers, according to the latest white paper released by Meeting Professionals International (MPI).

Announced Friday, this fourth in a series of white papers by MPI's Global Corporate Circle of Excellence is entitled, "Defining a Strategic Meetings Management Program: How Meetings Drive Business in Partnership-Focused Companies." It is available online at

"Ultimately, meetings serve as the vehicle for all company initiatives," states the white paper. "As a result, meeting professionals working within successful strategic meetings management programs possess key 'seats at the table' to facilitate the ever-evolving Partnership Model, making them indispensable business partners."

The paper posits that meetings drive business within companies that forge partnerships with buyers and suppliers in several ways, including the following:

--Bringing people together and maintaining key professional relationships.

--Touching employees, customers and other key stakeholders, such as shareholders.

--Providing methods of cost containment and avoidance.

--Providing access to key information through technology.

--Providing brand protection and promotion.

--Providing the ability to negotiate and leverage attractive business propositions.

"Planners add tangible value to their companies by seizing more opportunities to show strategic influence, drive change, implement bottom-line efficiencies, and position meetings at higher levels of value in their organizations," states the paper.

"The more that meetings are woven into the fabric of a company's overall operations across departments and incorporated into the organization's strategic plan, the more successful the organization will be."