Knowland's Improved Leads Database Connects Hotels, Groups

The Knowland Group, which specializes in group sales solutions for the hospitality industry, has launched a new version of Insight, its popular lead generation service, it announced this week.

Like the original Insight, Knowland describes the latest release as a "search engine and mapping tool" that gives hotel sales teams access to a "massive database of groups who have held millions of meetings in hotels and conference centers," including 300,000 corporations, associations, government agencies, social organizations and other groups.

In addition to the "Smart Targeting" technology for which Insight is known — allowing hoteliers to quickly find the groups that are best suited to their property — the new version features a new "tab-centric" design, as well as a new "Advanced Search" function that allows hoteliers to narrow their search for groups based on criteria such as market, industry segment and estimated attendance. It also includes "Insight Alerts" that allow hotel sales managers to be notified immediately about any new activity within key accounts.

"The launch of this enhanced version of Insight is yet another phase in our ongoing mission to add client value," Knowland CEO Michael K. McKean said in a statement. "We will continue to adapt and advance all of our products to better support business development in the hospitality industry."