JetBlue Launches Free Wi-Fi on All Flights

jetblue wifi free

Meeting attendees are used to getting free Wi-Fi at their hotel and meeting venue. Now if they fly JetBlue, they can get it free on their way to their meeting too: Last week, the carrier announced the introduction of "always-free and speedy Wi-Fi connectivity on every aircraft from the departure gate to the arrival gate."

The airline -- which was the first to put live television at every seat -- is the first and only airline to introduce free wireless Internet access for every passenger, and the first in the United States to offer gate-to-gate connectivity, meaning passengers no longer have to wait for the plane to reach cruising altitude to get online.

"It's 2017 and our customers expect to be connected everywhere, whether that be from the comfort of their sofa or 35,000 feet above it." said JetBlue Vice President of Marketing Jamie Perry. "That's why we're so proud that JetBlue is now the only airline to offer free, high-speed Wi-Fi, live TV, and movies for all customers on every plane."

First introduced in December 2013, JetBlue's Fly-Fi service connects customers with Internet speeds similar to those that they have at home, which allows JetBlue to deliver Amazon Video streaming entertainment to customers onboard to their personal devices, as well as web surfing and chatting on passengers' favorite messaging apps. The airline's latest announcement means the service will now be ubiquitous across its entire fleet of 227 Airbus A320s, A321s, and Embraer 190s.