ICCA Publishes Destination Rankings

The International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) has ranked the world's most popular countries and cities for hosting international association meetings, it announced yesterday, revealing that the United States and Germany were the two most popular countries for international meetings, while Paris and Vienna were the two most popular cities.

ICCA based its rankings on a survey of 7,475 qualifying events that took place in 2008, which represented an increase of approximately 800 events over 2007 due partly to the strength of the marketplace, according to ICCA, and partly to increased event reporting by ICCA members. Qualifying events were those organized by international associations that take place on a regular basis and rotate between a minimum of three countries.

The top 10 countries for international association meetings were as follows in 2008:

1. United States (507 meetings)
2. Germany (402 meetings)
3. Spain (347 meetings)
4. France (334 meetings)
5. United Kingdom (322 meetings)
6. Italy (296 meetings)
7. Brazil (254 meetings)
8. Japan (247 meetings)
9. Canada (231 meetings)
10. Netherlands (227 meetings)

The top 10 cities for international association meetings, meanwhile, were:

1. Paris (139 meetings)
2. Vienna (139 meetings)
3. Barcelona (136 meeting)
4. Singapore (118 meetings)
5. Berlin (100 meetings)
6. Budapest (95 meetings)
7. Amsterdam (89 meetings)
8. Stockholm (87 meetings)
9. Seoul (84 meetings)
10. Lisbon (83 meetings)

While no U.S. cities ranked among ICCA's top 20 cities, several destinations made their first appearance in the top 20 on this year's list. Among them: Athens, which ranked 15th with 72 meetings; Buenos Aires, which tied Athens with 72 meetings; Sao Pualo, which ranked 12th with 75 meetings; and Tokyo, which placed 20th with 68 meetings.

According to ICCA, its rankings are meant to serve as a practical tool helping associations identify potential new destinations for their meetings.

For more information, including the complete country and city rankings, visit ICCA's Web site at www.icca.nl.