IAEM Now IA Double-E

Dallas -- The International Association for Exhibition Management (IAEM) changed its name to the International Association of Exhibitions and Events last week during the group's annual meeting in San Diego.

The association's members, who represent more than 20,000 exhibitions and buyer-seller events globally, overwhelmingly approved the name change. The new acronym, IAEE, is pronounced IA double-E.

"The name change signals our intent to continue to lead the industry into exciting new areas of opportunity," said IAEE president Steven Hacker.

The association intends to assume a higher profile in representing the exhibition industry to the public at large, with advocacy campaigns designed to shape public policy and more aggressive public relations campaigns, according to an IAEE statement.

The association also changed its web address to reflect the new name, www.iaeeonline.org, although at present the new address redirects online visitors to the old address and homepage of IAEM.