IAEE to Define 'Core Competencies' of Exhibition Management

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) has hired Prometric, a provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment, to help it develop what it claims is the exhibitions and events industry's first definition of core competencies in the field of exhibition management, it announced yesterday.

To develop the competencies, Prometric will conduct a survey-based job analysis in order to obtain descriptive information about the tasks performed by exhibition managers. IAEE will then work with Prometric to define the skills and characteristics needed to competently perform those tasks. The resulting core competencies will be used to develop future IAEE education sessions, the Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM) Learning Program and the "Art of the Show" textbook.

"This unprecedented initiative by IAEE will provide thousands of exhibitions and events industry professionals a standard for their chosen careers," said IAEE President Steven Hacker. "At the direction of the IAEE board of directors, the decision to invest association resources in this analysis is particularly important at this time given the ever-changing nature of the industry and the impact of technology, the environment and the economy on it."

Added Bill Murtagh, senior vice president of client services and sales at Prometric, "Conducting a thorough job analysis is the single best thing an organization can do to build a strong foundation for an educational program. Prometric's expertise in this area of test development is well known and unmatched. We are excited to work with the IAEE to conduct a job analysis for the exhibition industry to support the development of education and to strengthen the CEM Learning Program."