IAEE Launches Export Initiative Tool Kit to Assist International Trade Show Organizers

In support of the National Export Initiative, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) has created the National Export Initiative Tool Kit, a suite of electronic resources designed to assist U.S. exporters that organize trade shows and meetings in international markets, it announced last week.

Established by executive order, the National Export Initiative was announced during this year's State of the Union Address, during which President Barack Obama set a goal of doubling U.S. exports over the next five years as a way to stimulate the economy and create new jobs.

Because it says trade shows and exhibitions are "the primary and most efficient platforms for connecting international buyers with American businesses," IAEE has created the National Export Initiative Tool Kit to help meeting organizers more actively participate in the nation's export goals.

"IAEE declares its full and enthusiastic support of the National Export Initiative and urges all members in the United States to do so as well," IAEE President Steven Hacker said in a statement. "By providing IAEE members with this tool kit, we believe the results of our work together will be to place exhibitions and similar trade events at the forefront of this vital national project."

To access IAEE's National Export Initiative Tool Kit — which includes information about the National Export Initiative, as well as tools and templates to help trade show organizers find and contact members of Congress and the media — visit www.iaee.com/information__resources/neitoolkit.