IAEE Answers Air Travel Crisis with Action

The Board of Directors of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) has announced several actions that it intends to take in order to fight the continued deterioration of the nation's air travel industry. Developed at a Board meeting in Schaumburg, Ill., last month, the actions speak to the "essential need for the maintenance of a reliable, safe and reasonably priced air transportation system," the association said in a statement.

At the top of IAEE's to-do list is the creation of an Air Transportation Crisis Task Force, which will examine challenges and opportunities within the airline industry in order to develop best practices for the management of meetings and events within the current air travel climate. Among other issues, the task force will scrutinize the impact that service reductions, TSA-imposed obligations and safety issues have on event accessibility and attendance.

In order to communicate the findings of its Air Transportation Crisis Task Force, IAEE will soon launch a new IAEE Air Transportation Newsletter that will include news, information and tips for business travelers.

Finally, the IAEE Board resolved to increase its involvement with and support of the Travel Industry Association (TIA), and to host a fall meeting of legislative representatives in Washington, D.C., who will convene in order to explore the creation of a new IAEE legislative network charged with lobbying Capital Hill on air travel issues of common interest and concern to the meetings industry.