High-Tech Coat Check Service, CoatChex, Expands to New Cities

Digital coat check company CoatChex has expanded from its home base of Indianapolis to four new cities — Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C. — it announced last month.

"We're moving out of developmental phase and are ready to grow into new markets with increased inventory," said Founder and CEO Derek Pacqué. "Throughout the last several months, we've received an overwhelming response from interested events, venues and entrepreneurs around the U.S., so we felt we were ready to expand CoatChex as we head into the peak of our industry's season. From corporate holiday parties to sporting venues and large-scale events, we're looking forward to impressing and attracting new opportunities.

Introduced last fall, CoatChex is a digital coat check system for events and venues that eliminates paper coat check tickets in favor of digital tracking. The system, which includes portable racks and a ticketless kiosk, connects a customer's picture and phone number to their checked belonging for the purpose of security, then utilizes QR codes linked with specific hangers to simplify retrieval.

"Paper tickets create chaotic coat check environments — from lost tickets to long lines, venues just don't want to deal with it," Pacqué said when CoatChex launched. "We set out to change that. Because our system virtually eliminates liability, customers feel secure in checking their coats, and venue partners see increased revenues — usually in more than one area of their business."