Freeman White Paper: Events Equal 'En[gauge]ment'

Event management company Freeman has released a new white paper in which it explains its process for helping customers design face-to-face events that are both measurable and in line with marketplace demands, it announced this week.

Titled En[gauge]ment by Freeman, Face-to-Face Marketing in the 21st Century, the white paper suggests it's possible for companies to "engage customers in a customized face-to-face marketing experience while gauging the success of that experience" before, during and after an event in order to make sure their marketing goals are achieved.

"In a world saturated with voices, images, messages and instructions coming from every imaginable source, customers are bombarded with more information today than ever before," Freeman Executive Vice President of Marketing Toby Purdy said in a statement. "Marketers are being instructed to do more with less, to break through the clutter with fewer resources."

Citing EventView 2008 data, Freeman says face-to-face events provide the greatest marketing ROI and therefore offer companies a unique opportunity to compete effectively for consumers' attention.

"Events lead to customer engagement that is personal and interactive," Purdy said. "The result is new customer relationships that influence behavior."

In its white paper, Freeman outlines the following four steps for creating an event that's both engaging and measurable:

1. Set objectives.
2. Define the target audience.
3. Communicate with and motivate the audience.
4. Perform benchmarking and assessments.

En[gauge]ment by Freeman is the second in a series of white papers that Freeman is planning on the subject of face-to-face marketing. To read it in its entirety, visit