Experient Goes Green

Leading event planning company Experient has announced that it's made green meeting consultation standard practice for its staff of 40 meeting and event managers. The Twinsburg, Ohio-based company hopes that by recommending green meeting practices to its clients, more companies will actually use them.

"We believe that we are the only meeting planning company of our size to integrate environmentally sustainable steps into our standard meeting planning practice—to the point where the client would have to opt out of going green," Experient spokesperson Mike Smith said in a statement. "Imagine all the impact we can have on our world by integrating even the smallest green steps into all the events that we manage."

Experient's new green meeting standards revolve around an Environmental Event Solutions checklist, which the company uses as a launching point for starting environmental discussions with clients. The list features best practices for a wide variety of meeting ingredients, including accommodations and catering.

"Being environmentally responsible is important on many fronts," Dee Blakeney, Experient's vice president of meeting planning, said in a statement. "As a company we respect the influence we have with our clients in the planning process, and we are willing to put time and energy into training our employees to help our customers make environmentally smart choices."

In addition to its pre-meeting planning, Experient is also greening its post-meeting evaluations. By adding a greening section to its post-convention reports, the company hopes to evaluate and measure the effects of its green efforts.