EventView: Global Report Confirms Event Marketing Is Key in Down Economy

According to the latest EventView global survey, marketing managers worldwide believe that during a down economy, events are a key component within the corporate marketing mix.

A collaborative effort by the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Foundation, the Event Marketing Institute (EMI) and marketing agency George P. Johnson (GPJ), EventView is the industry's largest and longest-running annual survey of corporate sales and marketing executives. For its latest release, EventView 2009: Global, it surveyed 942 marketing managers in North America, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific and found that 31 percent believe event marketing is the marketing discipline that provides the greatest return on investment (ROI).

"There's no doubt that at a time when the business community, nonprofits and other organizations need to shore up their existing customer base and open new revenue streams, that meetings and events play a crucial role in creating those opportunities," MPI President and CEO Bruce MacMillan said in a statement. "EventView data is helping to shift the marketing conversation towards an ROI and business performance model based on tangible revenue impact and other measurable outputs."

Other key findings from the EventView 2009: Global survey:

• Next to events, respondents cited Web marketing (20 percent) as the marketing vehicle that provides the greatest ROI.

• Event marketing (40 percent) and Web marketing (31 percent) are the first marketing channels to benefit from an increase in the overall marketing budget.

• Event marketing was cited by 52 percent of respondents as the discipline that best accelerates and deepens relationships with the public.

• Events were characterized as a vital component of the marketing mix by 32 percent of respondents; another 15 percent said events are a "lead tactic."

"While not unexpected that events and Web marketing would be high on the list for ROI, the degree to which these two channels are coupled in the minds of marketing executives and other leaders positions this to be more than a passing fad," said GPJ CEO Robert G. Vallee, Jr. "The commonalities between these two channels—interactive, content- and dialog-based, community-oriented, etc.—point to an emerging hybrid direct response marketing model that organizations should position themselves to take advantage of to grow their business, especially in this difficult economy."

Now in its seventh year, EventView 2009: Global is one in a yearlong series of EventView reports. To download a PDF of the full report, visit www.mpiweb.org, www.gpj.com or www.eventmarketing.com.