Entrepreneurs Find Success in Rushing Passports

It is a true success story for two local entrepreneurs. Palm Beach residents Mosie Miller and Adam Boalt have pooled their talents and resources to launch an Internet start-up company, RushMyPassport.com. With Boalt's technological background and Miller's financial positioning, the two were able to launch the site and turn a profit almost immediately.

Featured on the homepage of Forbes.com last month, Miller and Boalt were referred to as the "Passport Processing Pros." As a result of this coverage, MSNBC picked up the story on the successful duo this week, covering the success of the site in the wake of the challenges of securing passports through traditional means.

With its headquarters in West Palm Beach, RushMyPassport.com has also opened offices in Miami, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Philadelphia. As traffic to the site continues to increase, driven by the demand for expedited passport services, Miller and Boalt plan to open additional offices in other cities where passport agencies are found.

The success of RushMyPassport.com began very simply when Boalt was helping a friend get a passport. In doing so, Boalt discovered what a complicated process it was and that the U.S. Department of State was experiencing a severe backlog due to unprecedented increases in demand.

Boalt recognized an opportunity in not only assisting customers in securing a passport, but also offering to expedite the service. Department of State wait times were getting as long as three months, and the demand for faster service was significant.

In putting together the business plan for this endeavor, Boalt estimated his sales to be approximately $30,000 a month in order to ensure full service of the site, business practices and its employees. Due to the overwhelming success, the bank called Boalt to inform him that he had exceeded the $30,000 merchant account line of credit his first day in business at which Miller stepped in to help. Miller was instrumental in securing a $3 million line of credit with the bank to guarantee that the company could continue to deliver its services.

Miller saw Boalt's vision for the RushMyPassport.com site and offered his financial backing. "Adam's experience in the technology and marketing fields put him in a place of expertise when identifying this opportunity. Not to mention when he has the ability to run with a technology idea, he is like a kid in a candy store."

This friendly partnership is more than just two businessmen joining forces. Miller and Boalt have actually been friends since second grade and were college roommates. It is this longstanding friendship that has built the trust in each entrepreneur's respective talents.

Said Boalt, "We knew this idea could take off, but even we were surprised by the immediate success. There is a great demand for this service and because we are backed by the Department of State, we can guarantee service and delivery."