DoubleDutch Adds Meetings Scheduling to App

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Mobile app developer DoubleDutch has added DoubleDutch Meetings to its mobile platform, which provides full meetings-scheduling functionality to attendees within the app. 

"Our new attendee meeting-scheduling capabilities help take the pain out of identifying connections of interest," said DoubleDutch CEO Lawrence Coburn, "furthering our goal to facilitate maximum attendee engagement at live events."

Many event apps do not allow attendees to easily add meetings to their event schedule from within the app. DoubleDutch Meetings now allows attendees to search for fellow attendees by company name, title or other profile information, and then invite them to meet face-to-face with one click. A list of mutually available times, based on each attendee's personalized in-app schedule, is made available, to help facilitate the appointment-making. Reminders are then sent out in advance of the meeting.

"In order for meeting scheduling to truly be effective," added DoubleDutch senior product manager Jason Lee, "the vast majority of attendees need to be on the same system to find each other and connect. And even with a critical mass of attendees, solutions that take users into a different interface and/or require a separate login will immediately lose people who don't want to go through the hassle. A fully integrated meeting experience in the mobile event app furthers our mission of enriching the event experience."