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DoubleDutch Acquires Eventgrid

The acquisition expands the event tech provider's registration capabilities and marketing integration

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Live event marketing and engagement platform DoubleDutch has acquired event registration provider Eventgrid, it announced on Sept. 28. With the acquisition, the event tech company aims to expand its attendee-management capabilities further into the pre-event and registration period, with user-friendly capabilities to create targeted email campaigns, communicate with attendees, collect data, and report on post-event ROI all within one integrated solution.

DoubleDutch also announced the promotion of COO Bryan Parker to CEO, while current CEO Lawrence Coburn, who has led the company since co-founding it, will serve as Chief Strategy Officer, focusing on product strategy and the launch of the new DoubleDutch + Eventgrid platform to the market.

"There is no longer a need to partner with a third party to drive and handle registration," Coburn told Successful Meetings. "Before Eventgrid, DoubleDutch provided the world's simplest mobile tool for event organizers to build a dedicated app for sharing information with attendees, tracking engagement, and gathering actionable data. Now, with Eventgrid, we can offer our customers full pre-event capabilities from registration, event website generation, and ticketing, to targeted attendee event promotion."

He added that the expanded capabilities will allow planners to use the data from DoubleDutch's Live Engagement Marketing System to target and promote events to specific audiences for event registration, and continue to engage those audiences within the DoubleDutch app with real-time event information. He gives the example of how attendee demographic data can be paired with behavioral data to personalize each attendee's experience. 

"More personalization leads to more interactions and engagements, which leads to an extremely rich source of data. That data is valuable for both bottom line marketing and business goals alike to increase year round engagement and increase event retention from year to year," said Coburn. "Our customers had long been asking for pre-event capabilities, and we wanted to be sure we were rolling out that functionality without losing the usability and design of the DoubleDutch platform. Eventgrid embodies many of the same values of elegance and scalability that DoubleDutch does, which is why we brought them onto the platform, and why we foresee a smooth transition as we bring their registration technology on our platform to life."

He emphasized that the move aims to provide planners with a more comprehensive, end-to-end event marketing system to enhance every aspect of their meeting or conference.

"Bringing Eventgrid under our wing means we can provide a complete solution for strategic event planners in a unified enterprise-ready app," added Coburn. "These event planners can register attendees, market to potential attendees, generate event website traffic -- the whole thing, under one roof. That's what DoubleDutch and Eventgrid brings to the table, and we are excited to be the first to bring both a modern mobile event app system and a modern event registration / promotion system to our customers."