Corporate Teams Get Tanked

Groups can operate military tanks and crush cars, building team camaraderie in the process.

Drive A Tank, located in Kasota, Minn., where civilians can drive authentic military tanks, is now hosting corporate retreats and team building events. Nine authentic military tanks and several military vehicles that have been used in actual combat are available and groups will even have the opportunity to run over cars and mobile homes.

“Corporate training and team building is integral to business success,” says Tony Borglum, co-owner of Drive A Tank. “What better way for a sales or management team to recharge and bond than over a few tons of steel and car crushing?”

Corporate groups will learn about the military history of tanks, vehicles, and weapons during events here. After passing the training sessions, corporate leaders and teammates strap into a Russian T-55 or British Abbott Self-Propelled Gun and drive through a challenging wooded course as a cohesive tank crew. Next, groups board a British Chieftain Main Battle Tank and crush everything that gets in its way. After the tank work is complete, teams can fire historic period weapons from past wars for an exhilarating finish to an unconventional corporate training day. Drive A Tank also offers an indoor shooting range with a myriad of historic firearms that only military personnel have handled.

Each team member’s performance in the tank and on the range is evaluated to provide measurable results of the experience. Go to for more information.

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