Congress to Vote on Brand USA Reauthorization

Following the U.S. Travel Association's "Brand USA Day of Action" on Dec. 2, Congress has included a five-year reauthorization of Brand USA in a $1 trillion spending package that lawmakers are scheduled to vote on this week. 

America's first global consumer brand, Brand USA was created in 2010 by the bipartisan Travel Promotion Act, which established a public-private partnership through which to promote international visitation to the United States. Since then, Brand USA's worldwide marketing campaigns have generated 1.1 million incremental visitors to the United States and an additional $3.4 billion in revenues.

"In the three short years of Brand USA's existence, we have seen the incredible return on investment by promoting the U.S. overseas, welcoming an extra 1 million international travelers to our shores," U.S. Travel President and CEO Roger Dow said last month. "The massive tax revenues, the creation of unexportable jobs, and the positive contribution to our trade balance are all tremendous economic opportunities felt by communities large and small across the country. We urge Congress to enact this legislation during the lame-duck session, so Brand USA can be reauthorized and its economic promise and benefits can continue."

According to U.S. Travel, full passage of Brand USA could happen as early as tomorrow.

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