Carbon Free Meeting Coalition Launches Green Meeting Programs for Corporate Planners

The New York-based Carbon Free Meeting Coalition has introduced two new programs with which it hopes to expand the use of green meeting technologies within corporations. Developed with feedback from businesses of all sizes, the programs are free to Carbon Free Meeting Coalition members and will help corporate meeting planners both launch and sustain eco-friendly meeting programs based on carbon-free technologies.

The coalition's first new program, the "Kick-Start Clinic," will provide companies with consulting services to help them identify environmentally friendly opportunities and alternatives within their office environment, helping them quickly implement advanced communication technologies that will reduce their carbon footprint. The service will help businesses locate green service providers and solutions while developing a plan for introducing green programs within their organization.

Meanwhile, the coalition's second new program, the "Sustain to Save" program, will help companies maintain and grow existing green initiatives by helping them generate employee interest and action in the realm of green meetings, as well as exposing them to tools with which to measure, track and report the environmental and business value of green initiatives.

"The Carbon Free Meeting Coalition works tirelessly on behalf of our membership to provide information and develop programs that serve to further increase their use of advanced visual communications as part of their Going Green initiatives," Carbon Free Meeting Coalition Founder and Executive Director Stu Gold said in a statement. "With the launch of the Kick-Start Clinic and the Sustain to Save Program, the Coalition is now able to directly assist our membership with two of the more difficult issues they often have when attempting to launch and maintain their energy reduction efforts."

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