Biz Travel Professionals Meet with Congress

The National Business Travel Association last week hosted its seventh annual NBTA Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C., during which corporate travel professionals met with members of Congress in order to educate them on key business travel issues, including meetings.

"Each year NBTA members look forward to the Legislative Summit, seizing the opportunity to learn about Congressional matters that may harm or enhance their current jobs and future career opportunities," NBTA President and CEO Kevin Maguire, CCTE, GLP, said in a statement. "By taking action today to speak out about efficient facilitation of business travel, corporate travel professionals are working to advance the industry toward a better future."

More than 65 corporate travel professionals participated in the NBTA Legislative Summit, which took place June 17 on Capitol Hill. During meetings with them, they urged their respective representatives to enact legislation to improve the country's aviation infrastructure and to oppose legislation that would dictate travel policies within companies that have accepted federal TARP funds. They also highlighted the economic benefits of corporate meetings and events and encouraged lawmakers to do the same when speaking publicly on corporate travel issues.

"As corporate travel professionals, we have a duty to voice our concerns about and support for issues that directly affect the business travel industry and the communities in which we reside," Maguire said. "NBTA members [have taken] it upon themselves to meet face-to-face with their local and state representatives to reinforce the economic impacts business travel has on hard-working Americans and their families."