Association Speaker Spotlight: Jeffery Butler Knows How to Navigate the Millennial Workforce


Authenticity is more important than ever, and Jeff Butler focuses on how that quality can be used to create a work culture employees enjoy. "Authenticity is one of the purest things that one human can offer another," he says. "It's an aspect of our personality that can never be replaced with technology, as it's the foundation of what it means to be human - imperfectly human. The simple word captures the connection that someone can have with another person, where there are trust and understanding of all the flaws of one other."

A third-generational Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Butler created three companies at the age of 27: H&E Data Provider, a commercial real estate data-wholesaling business; JButler International, a consulting firm focused on helping companies leverage generational strengths for optimal human performance; and Operandi, a COO-on-demand agency that helps firms with operations and outsourcing projects. 

Butler's talks bridge generational gaps that may exist between Millennials and companies seeking talent. Unlike other experts on the subject, Butler has firsthand experience as a Millennial what it takes to retain and keep others in his age cohort engaged. "There are two definitions for Millennials," he says. "One is the generational theory term, which means you are born roughly between 1980 to 1996; the other is the erroneous stereotype for someone young. Millennials are synonymous with the changes that are happening in the corporate workplace, which include the areas of recruitment, management, marketing and workplace engagement. Unfortunately, if companies are not able to keep up with the changing workplace shifts, younger employees will migrate to other companies, and those slow-moving entities will face becoming obsolete."

As a computer science major at U.C. Berkeley, Butler experienced the ongoing parade of companies and recruiters trying to woo him and his classmates. He took note and uses anecdotes from that time as well as his subsequent career during his presentations. He offers tangible solutions for attracting, retaining and engaging Millennials as employees and customers.

Within just the past three years, Butler has spoken at two TEDx events and for multiple Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Amazon and LinkedIn. He is the author of two books: The Authentic Workplace and The Key to the New You.

Butler can be booked with the help of the Las Vegas Speakers Bureau, headed by Jaki Baskow. For more information, contact Jaki at or 702-547-5119.