American Express Global Business Travel, Lyft Partnership Brings Ridesharing to Business Travelers

The new collaboration fully integrates Lyft into companies' travel programs as a compliant ground transportation option

Whether it's to catch a ride to the airport, the convention center, or a post-meeting dinner with clients, most business travelers already use ridesharing services when they're on the road. In fact, ridesharing accounts for more than 70 percent of business travelers' ground transportation receipts, according to Certify's Q4 2017 SpendSmart report.

Now, thanks to a first-of-its-kind partnership between American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) and Lyft, business travelers who already use ridesharing services can do so more easily and as part of their company's managed travel program, the companies announced today.

The partnership -- which the companies claim is the first between a travel management company like GBT and a ridesharing company like Lyft -- fully integrates Lyft's platform, data, and insights for GBT client travel programs. The resulting service benefits both travelers and their companies. The latter, for example, will receive valuable data and key performance indicators about employees' use of ridesharing services, which could ultimately save them money by allowing them to optimize ground transportation policies and/or negotiate special rates based on corporate volume. The former, meanwhile, can access special incentives and rewards offered by Lyft and segment their bookings for easier expense management.

Later this year, Lyft also will be fully integrated into GBT's mobile app and into Expert Care, GBT's travel disruption and risk management platform.

"We are thrilled to pioneer a truly integrated and differentiated ridesharing program for GBT clients with a partner like Lyft that is driving innovation in ground transportation," said GBT Executive Vice President of Global Supplier Relations Michael Qualantone. "This integration is unique from previous reseller models in the ridesharing space in that it goes beyond existing agreements and truly integrates Lyft ridesharing content into our client's travel policies as a compliant option. This is the first in a series of key milestones for our overall ground strategy that will be announced in 2018."

Added Lyft Chief Business Officer David Baga, "Partnering with American Express GBT to introduce this unique fully integrated ridesharing program for business travelers is an integral next step in our efforts to streamline the corporate travel experience -- ultimately increasing cost savings, visibility, and efficiencies. We're thrilled to collaborate with the leading global corporate travel management company to provide a seamless solution for a wide range of corporate travel needs, through innovative insights and booking tools that have never before been offered in this industry."