ASAE Launches New Global Associations Committee

Citing the U.S. association industry's "growing aspirations to expand its business abroad," the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) has launched a new committee that's dedicated to discussing and advancing the international expansion of American associations, it announced today.

Known as the Key Global Associations Community (KGAC), the committee — which consists of leaders from several global associations that are based in the United States — convened Jan. 27-28 for its first meeting, during which 15 members participated in networking, knowledge sharing and a discussion about the state of their global outreach endeavors.

"This first meeting of ASAE's newest committee comes at a critical juncture for the association community, as we look to expand globally and offer our resources to new and existing partners outside of the United States," said KGAC Chair Abe Eshkenazi, CEO of APICS The Association for Operations Management. "Our discussion brought into sharper focus the fact that global associations share many similarities in our global outreach, and it's only natural that we should work together to build on our past successes and aim for even higher goals in the future. We will also look to learn from our partners abroad."

Added ASAE President and CEO John H. Graham IV, "One of the secrets to professional success lies in our ability and willingness to learn from others, to communicate effectively, and to take an active, involved role in shaping our profession. As U.S. associations continue their global operations and increase their presence around the world, learning from peers in the U.S. and abroad will be especially important in putting associations ahead of the curve."

KGAC will meet twice a year to discuss international issues and how they impact global associations. Membership is open by invitation to leaders of global U.S.-based associations with revenue of at least $10 million, out of which at least 10 percent comes from international activities. KGAC members must be ASAE members in good standing.