ACTE, VCD Release Guidelines for Environmentally Friendly Biz Travel

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) has partnered with Germany's green travel association, Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD), in order to release a series of guidelines for environmentally friendly business travel. Part of the VCD Green Business Travel Project, the guidelines were released earlier this month as part of the VCD Toolkit, which includes recommendations on eco-conscious travel processes as well as green travel alternatives.

"ACTE is pleased to have had the opportunity to support VCD and to be an active stakeholder in the Green Business Travel Project," said Brian Donnelly, ACTE board member and regional director, EMEA, FCm Travel Solutions. "We hope that these guidelines will serve as a model for other global organizations who hold environmental concerns as an important, and necessary, component of an effective business travel program."

VCD's green business travel guidelines were developed using the results of a survey that was given to small and medium-sized businesses with the intention of identifying obstacles to implementing green travel initiatives within their companies. The result is a 48-page overview of how to plan, implement and manage environmentally friendly business travel policies.

"With the guidelines developed with ACTE, businesses can show that having a positive impact on the environment, and staying true to their bottom line, is not mutually exclusive," said VCD Project Director Anja Hanel.

The VCD Toolkit features checklists and a cost calculator to help companies identify areas in which their travel practices can be made more sustainable while also estimating their travel expenses. It's travel recommendations are all-encompassing and include suggestions for organization and administration, fleet management, transportation, accommodation, and employee education and motivation, not to mention event planning.

To download the VCD Toolkit in either German or English, visit