The World's Most Expensive Hotel Rooms Are in ...

The world’s most expensive hotel rooms are in Geneva, Dubai and Kuwait City, according to a new analysis of hotel rates in 106 cities around the world. Conducted by Bloomberg, the analysis shows that the average cost for a hotel in Geneva is $308 per night. In Dubai and Kuwait City it’s $273 per night and $253 per night, respectively.

Rounding out the top five are Zurich, at $250 per night, and — the most expensive destination in North America — Miami at $245 per night.

“Geneva is 32 percent more expensive than New York and London and 28 percent costlier than Hong Kong,” Bloomberg reports.

Geneva also has the most expensive five-star hotels, according to Bloomberg. In that category, a room in Geneva costs an average of $614 per night. Los Angeles is No. 2 for five-star properties, averaging $481 per night, and Tokyo is No. 3, averaging $440 per night.

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