The Top 10 Hotels for Tech-Savvy Travelers

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This month saw the opening of a hotel in Japan staffed entirely by robots. It's a fun concept, but being greeted by a robot may be too impersonal for some travelersNew Link. For those who love high-tech hotels -- yet still want to be greeted by a human at the front desk -- here are the top ten hotels for tech-savvy travelers (in reverse-alphabetical order), according to

10. Alma Barcelona. "Style here has a starring role: design elements include fingerprint swiping instead of room keys."

9. The Geejam, Jamaica. "All rooms in this uber-luxe Jamaican resort feature Apple TVs. Each comes pre-programmed with an impressive mix of reggae and soul music, as well as three dozen movies." 

8. The Halkin by COMO (London). "Sumptuous and spacious rooms literally offer convenience at the touch of a button, as all have wall consoles for calling the butler and other services, and include light switches and temperature controls as well."

7. Hotel 1000 (Seattle). "Upon entry into a room at Seattle's Hotel 1000, the electronic doorbell silently scans the space with infrared sensors to detect body heat so that the staff knows when you're in and out of your room."

6. Hotel Beaux Arts Miami. All rooms "come equipped with iPads with digital concierge services. They also come with rotating flat-screen TVs, iPod docks, bathrooms with TVs in the mirror, and illy Espresso machines."

5. The Jefferson, Washington D.C.
 "Beautiful, elegant rooms here include electronic housekeeping buttons and TVs embedded in the bathroom mirrors."

4. The Mira Hong Kong.
 "From the pool to the rooms to the spa, everything here has an almost futuristic touch."

3. Nine Zero Hotel (Boston). "You never need to worry about losing your room key -- the retinal scan ensures you (and only you, besides the staff, duh) have access to your pricey space."

2. The Ritz-Carlton New York Battery Park. "The hotel offers a "tech butler" for any hardware or software problems you might have while at the hotel."

1. Yotel (New York City). "Yobot, a 15-foot automated luggage handler...selects and moves luggage from a very large luggage rack in order to organize all of the pieces received each day during check-in."

Source: Oyster