Radisson Blu Launches 'Experience Meetings' Program

Beginning in January 2014, Radisson Blu will roll out “Experience Meetings,” a program that the hotel brand says will improve the effectiveness of meetings by emphasizing innovations in food and beverage, changes to spatial environments and advancements in technology, it announced today.

Specifically, Experience Meetings will include two main components:

• Brain Food: The culinary component of Experience Meetings, Brain Food is a collaboration between chefs and nutritionists from around the world, who were tasked with creating an elevated catering program that increases concentration and reduces fatigue through food. Focusing on six brain food principles — including use of locally sourced ingredients such as fish, whole grains, fruit and vegetables, with minimal processing and natural sweeteners — the experts produced menus that are specific to each Radisson Blu location and that help stabilize and maintain meeting participants’ blood sugar levels, resulting in a higher cognitive function.

• Brain Box: Designed to boost creativity and inspire active engagement based on the four different learning styles — visual, kinesthetic, tactile and auditory — Brain Box creates a meeting environment that stimulates teamwork and brainstorming using bright colors, flexible furniture and the latest in A/V technology.

Experience Meetings also will include a dedicated smartphone app that meeting planners can use to access hotel information, post conference highlights, send push notifications to participants and directly contact hotel staff.

“We are thrilled to launch this new service for Radisson Blu properties globally. With Experience Meetings, guests around the globe can rely on a consistent product wherever their meeting needs may take them,” Radisson Blu Vice President of Branding Rose Kutzli said in a statement. “With this program, professionals can tailor their meeting experience from a creative surrounding that benefits their respective learning styles to culinary offerings that stimulate the mind. This is the next generation of Radisson Blu meetings and events.”

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