Omni Hotels Offers 'Sensational Meetings'

Irving, TX -- Omni Hotels has launched a program designed to tailor the sensory aspects of meetings held at its properties to each meeting's purpose.

Elements of Omni's Sensational Meetings program include decor, mood-enhancing foods, scents, sound tracks, temperature, and lighting.

"Meetings are a vital element in today's business environment, yet often they are viewed as dull, dreary and unproductive," said Stephen Rosenstock, Omni's senior vice president of brand standards. "With specially trained associates, we're committed to providing innovative environments designed to align with the primary objective of the meeting."

For brainstorming meetings, for example, planners can create a stimulating atmosphere through brightly colored decor, lighting with brilliant accents, upbeat sound tracks, peppermint scents, high-energy drinks, and glazed citrus snacks.

At present, Omni is offering customization for three kinds of meetings: energetic meetings, such as brainstorming sessions; challenging meetings; and recognition meetings.

The Omni chain consists of 40 luxury properties located throughout North America.

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