Norovirus Strikes at DC-Area Hyatt Hotel

Arlington, VA -- An outbreak of norovirus at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City forced the hotel to stop accepting new guests as of yesterday.

The highly contagious gastrointestinal illness sickened attendees of two groups that checked out of the hotel over the weekend. Up to 150 guests may have fallen ill, according to public health officials.

A spokeswoman for the Arlington Health Department confirmed norovirus as the source of the illnesses. Norovirus typically causes vomiting and diarrhea, with symptoms usually persisting for a few days.

Health officials recommended that the hotel not accept new guests until the facilities are thoroughly disinfected.

General manager Jean-Marc Dizard said he expected the clean-up to be completed over this weekend and the hotel to reopen Monday, although the company contracted to clean the hotel said the job may last until mid-day Tuesday, according to a report in the Washington Post. The hotel's next large arrival of guests is Monday.

About 250 guests remained in the 685-room conference hotel as of yesterday, according to the Post. Located at Reagan National Airport, the Hyatt is moving guests to other hotels at their request.

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