New Orleans Hotel Room Inventory 3/4 of pre-Katrina Level

Baton Rouge, LA -- About 28,000 hotel rooms are now available in greater New Orleans, about three-quarters of the room inventory prior to Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu reported yesterday.

The status of New Orleans' hotel room inventory was part of a one-year progress report that Landrieu issued on the state's effort to rebuild its tourism infrastructure after the damage that Hurricane Katrina wrought when it struck the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, 2005.

The report also stated that commercial flights into New Orleans are at 64-percent capacity of pre-Katrina levels, or 112 daily flights.

"Restoring tourism, arts and culture is crucial to the continual recovery of Louisiana," said Landrieu, who oversees Louisiana Rebirth, the state's strategic plan for rebuilding the tourism industry.

Landrieu's office and Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism have secured almost $50 million so far to assist in the rebuilding efforts.