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The MIMList is a place to discuss issues, solve problems, and learn from each other. The quality of the MIMList depends on the input that each subscriber contributes. Ask questions and make comments from which we will all benefit. In order to participate in the MIMList email discussion group, you must first join the MIMList Community by
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Please read the information on the MIMlist policies and guidelines for posting and sending messages to others on this list. Please respect this free service, your colleagues, our sponsors, and VNU Business Media.

MIMLlist Mission and Content

The MIMList, formed March 1999, is intended for information and discussion pertaining to meetings industry related issues. Our mission is to continue to foster a community within our industry and provide a place for people to learn, discuss, and share information in a professional and nurturing environment.

What's Acceptable?

The MIMList is a non-commercial message list. It is intended to be an educational and informative online forum where meeting professionals can interact, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. VNU Business Media, and Eisenstodt Associates, LLC maintain a zero tolerance policy regarding misuse of the MIMList. Any blatant misuse by a MIMList subscriber to use it as a vehicle for promotional or marketing purposes will be dealt with swiftly. Do not risk being banned or incurring the wrath of the Community by marketing directly in a post or to those on the MIMList without their expressly stated permission.

Spam - Expressly forbidden on the List is the rebroadcast of petitions, chain letters, alerts, calls to action, get-rich-quick schemes, political rant, advertising messages, pornography or marketing services (as described below).

Marketing Services - Soliciting business or providing a commercial post is strictly prohibited. It is a violation of MIMList policies to post commercial messages to the MIMList or to individuals in the Community to their private emails. Any posts will result in reprimand and/or permanent removal at the discretion of the Moderator and administrators. If you work for a vendor/supplier company, you may have your contact information, including URL in your signature line but may not post any sales information nor may you solicit directly to those on the list.


The MIMList is "semi-moderated," which means that while subscribers are able to post directly to the List, the List Moderator and administrators reserve the right to:

  • Remove disruptive or misguided/junk-mail posts

  • Order a disruptive thread to cease

  • Insist upon adherence to the List's clearly stated purpose of discussing meetings Industry related issues or other issues important to the Community

  • Ban offenders and severe abusers of the List policies; determine what constitutes disruptive behavior and gauge the severity of the abuse.

Subscribers are encouraged to use private messages or email where applicable (not public posts) to express their dissatisfaction with particular posts or behaviors. It is further expected that posts made to the List will not contain inflammatory remarks or excerpts from other people's private emails, messages or forums without the person’s expressly stated permission.

If MIMList content within a discussion becomes null and the debate deteriorates into a personal nature, both parties run the risk of removal from the List at the sole discretion of the list administrator.

Posting Guidelines and Suggestions

Please keep your advice/experience posts as compact as possible, the list activity can sometimes be daunting. Please refrain from giving advice if you do not have direct experience, or cannot refer to someone who does.

Cross posting - Please avoid posting the same message to several forums.

Do not take advice from anyone on this list as "gospel"... there are many points of view on practically every subject.

The List Moderator is Joan Eisenstodt ([email protected]) who has worked in the industry for more than 30 years and who, in addition to moderating the List from its inception, is a consultant, trainer and facilitator in the meetings industry.

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