Loews Bans Trans-Fats at All Properties

New York -- Loews Hotels has announced a company-wide initiative to phase out artificial trans-fats from all 18 properties in the United States and Canada by June 1, 2007.

A phased implementation will to allow hotel chefs ample time to fine-tune recipes. All frying oils and French fries will be trans-fat free beginning February 1, 2007. As of April 1, trans-fats will be eliminated from all salad dressings, frozen foods, and pastry items. And by June 1, trans-fats will be entirely eliminated from Loews properties, including such products as waffles, pancakes, and prepared mixes. In-room mini-bars will also lose items with trans-fats in favor of other products such as SunChips and Power Bars. Certain items that do not contain trans-fats, like M&Ms, will remain available.

The announcement comes soon after word that New York City will ban all artificial trans-fats in restaurants. The timing of the two announcements was coincidental, though Loews Hotels' vice president of public relations, Emily Goldfischer, noted that "clearly the topic has become one of national importance over the last few years."